Aspen Group

I created several marketing collateral pieces for the promotion of  The Aspen Group, Multifamily and Commercial Reconstruction company, based in Colorado. Implementing the existing brand guidelines, and adhering to the mission and purpose of this superb organization, I was able to promote their business through various designs.

Abundant Business Connections

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Working with the dynamic marketing professional, Meg Smit, to create a full brand identity system for her business, was an exciting challenge! Meg has several “irons in the fire,” as they say, that she wanted to bring together under one unified brand. Her roles range from hyperlocal community magazine publisher to business marketing consultant. It […]

Zvia Weight Loss & Medspa

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I had the privilege of developing a full brand identity system for ZVIA WEIGHT LOSS & MEDSPA, located in Lakewood, CO. I crafted the brand for this new business, from scratch. From the in-depth research of the industry, competition, business name and target market, to the style/tone and messaging, I was able to assist them […]

Smartist Consulting

Smartist Consulting is a Digital Marketing consulting firm for local businesses in Colorado. The owner, Erika Holley, hired me to create the logo for this firm. The logo combines her unique personality, with the firm’s charter and flair, to provide artistic and smart marketing consulting. They step outside the box to promote their clients in a colorful, reliable […]

Logo – Zvia Weight Loss & Medspa

Zvia Weight Loss & Medspa is a brand new business. I helped this company to develop their brand identity. This included coming up with the name and designing the logo for this high-end, luxury healthcare business. The name ‘Zvia’ means abundance, radiance and warmth. This name reflects the mission and culture this company embodies. The […]

Business Cards – Colorado Extraction Company

Colorado Extraction Systems has recently updated their brand. They needed new business cards that fit their new brand logo, color palette and graphic elements. I used their new brand identity to create these two-sided business cards, that aptly reflect their revised purpose, promise and personality.

Physical Product Showcase Branding

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I developed the brand identity and created all the print, digital and social media marketing collateral for the Physical Product Showcase (September 2019).
The PHYSICAL PRODUCT SHOWCASE is one of the headline events at DENVER STARTUP WEEK. This is an event where you can see, taste, touch and feel over 45 new products on the Colorado market. And […]

Annual Report/Year in Review – Montview

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As the director of Design, Print Production and Communications at Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church, I interacted with and compiled information from several departments and individuals to create this Annual Report. It is a ‘Year in Review’ for 2018, highlighting many of the wonderful activities of this vibrant church. This booklet was produced using our in-house print shop, […]

Event Posters – Montview

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Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church is a very dynamic church, and there is always something going on that requires promotion over multiple channels. One of the ways that we reach our audience is through event posters. I have included some of my favorite event posters, amongst the hundreds that I have designed for Montview.

Stewardship Campaign Branding – Montview

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Montivew Boulevard Presbyterian Church asked me to create an identity and collateral for their annual stewardship campaign for 2017-2018. The theme title this year was ‘A Prophetic Faith.’ They also provided some theme and content ideas. Using these ideas, I crafted a typographic logo that echos the title and the definition of that theme, “living […]

Red Rocks Magazine Ad

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This magazine ad for Red Rocks park & amphitheatre speaks to the beauty, history and fun to be experienced at this amazing location. It’s a place that I love and enjoy promoting! And I was able to incorporate some cool photography, typography, copy and Photoshop effects.

Check out the park!

Charity Golf Tournament Event Branding/Collateral

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Catamount Constructors, Inc. is a Denver-based commercial construction company that hosts an annual  charity Golf Tournament. This year, they decided to kick it up a notch by branding the event with a modern and consistent look and feel. The people at Catamount are consummate professionals with very generous hearts. Although they have dedicated themselves to running […]

Employee Handbook – Altvia

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A Denver-based Private Equity B2B company, Altvia SolutionsTM, recently changed their company name and needed assistance with a full re-branding campaign. I was able to apply their brand guidelines to the update and recreation of print and digital marketing collateral. They required both internal and customer-facing materials.

In this case, Altvia required a branded, clean design […]

Infographic – Workforce Insight


Workforce Insight, a Denver-based company, provides workforce optimization services; using Best Practices, Technology and Analytics. I was hired to prepare an infographic that demonstrates their process journey. They wanted to show that it is a linear process that incrementally moves upward, toward an apex of proven Workforce Optimization. While adhering to their brand standards and […]

Infographic – Mission of Hope


This project was meant to create an identity for a humanitarian organization called MISSION OF HOPE. This organization works to provide water to the impoverished areas of Ethiopia, in order to abate the spread of disease that results from lack of water.

To share the information that underpins the purpose of this organization, this infographic is based […]

REI Rebranding

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This project was a proposal for new branding and marketing for the company of Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), to meet the changing needs of the outdoor sports and recreation industry. The following topics are addressed in my proposal document:

Proposed marketing plan
Current REI brand audit
Competitive review of the top 3 REI competitors
Market research
Consumer feedback and usability […]

Berry Good Logo


To complement my Berry Package, I designed this logo for the berry company. I thought ‘Berry Good Farms’ was a perfect name for this fictitious company. It reflects a simple, clean and sustainable message. The colors were chosen again to embody the fresh and environmentally-friendly culture. It’s shown here emblazoned on an earthy tote bag.


EUROPE Tourism Advertisement

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On a recent trip through Europe I was surprised to find very little well-designed marketing collateral. I thought that Europe could really use a new logo, and a great advertising campaign. Not that people really need to be enticed into going to Europe…it sells itself. Nonetheless, I decided to take this on just for fun!

I designed a […]

PowerPoint Presentation – Altvia


A Denver-based Private Equity B2B company, Altvia SolutionsTM, recently changed their company name and needed assistance with a full re-branding campaign. I was able to apply their brand guidelines to the update and recreation of print and digital marketing collateral. They required both internal and customer-facing materials.

In this case, Altvia required a branded, clean design […]

Big Bend National Park

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Big Bend National Park has a wide variety of terrain, wildlife, plant life, geology and available activities. As a native Texan, and a frequent visitor to the park, it is near and dear to my heart. The objective of this project was to create a new logo that uses the NPS template that I developed, […]

Outdoor Buddies

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Outdoor Buddies is a Colorado-based nonprofit organization that assists people with disabilities in enjoying outdoor activities.

I was the Project Manager for a rebranding project for the Outdoor Buddies organization. I lead a design team consisting of 4 designers in addition to myself. We undertook the challenge to modernize and improve the professionalism of the Outdoor […]

Elevation Blueprint

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Elevation Blueprint is a non-profit organization (based in Denver) that serves the non-English speaking community. They assist immigrants to integrate into U.S. society. Their core values include “Passion, Integrity, Purpose, Commitment and a Drive to Learn and Succeed.” I chose to assist them with their graphic design needs because I believe in their mission.

They were […]

PCL Hawaii Project Brochure

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PCL Construction needed several branded and non-branded document templates created, for their many world-wide marketing teams. I created this brochure specifically for their Hawaiian projects. Shown here is an example of some of the document pages. The full document template is in excess of 60 pages.

Honda Street Bike Promo

Changes in the motorcycle market have created a need for manufacturers to assist potential customers in many ways. The Honda Street bike product line is continually growing and improving. And there is also an increasing number of inexperienced motorcycle owners. In testing users of the website, I found that they:

Face challenges when they seek information […]

REI Rebranding Design Brief


This document is the product of an extensive market and competitor study with the goal of rebranding the REI company. Results of the qualitative and quantitative research, as well as brand campaign proposals are presented in this book. The campaign proposals include: a new logo, advertisement and website layout.

View the entire project brief: REI Re-branding […]

Tubb’s Women’s Snowshoes

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I love snowshoeing! While I have been out snowshoeing  I have noticed that there are more men than women enjoying this activity. I think that this sport could attract more women if the snowshoe manufacturers would be more aggressive with their promotional campaigns, and create more events that would give women the opportunity to easily […]