Website projects

Rise Branding Website


Rise Branding is an international design firm that provides many services, including print and web design, branding, interior design and copy writing. I had the privilege of building them a website. This site showcases much of the successful work done by the talented Rise team.

I employed a user-centered approach to design of this WordPress-based website, which was […]

Montview Church Website

Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church is an historical Denver church, with a modern perspective. One my tasks as the Director of Communications at Montview is to provide an appreciation of good design, and it’s positive impact on the community. With a very comprehensive communications plan, including this website, Montview serves it’s congregants very well.

I assisted in […]

Frontier Co-op Web Banner Ads

I created these web banner ads for the FRONTIER CO-OP Wholesale website. They advertise products that they provide to wholesale clients. Using Photoshop and Illustrator to create the graphics, following web-specific requirements.

Although these ads have expired, you can view the website at:

SportsOneSource Microsite

This is the microsite website that I designed and maintained for  SportsOneSource. It is a repository for their SGB Today newsletter content. These articles are advertised and linked via an email blast that I also designed.

The live site can be found @: SGB Today.

National Park Service Website Redesign


The U.S. National Park Service has a deservedly proud  heritage of providing unparalleled service in maintaining and sharing our nations’ most beautiful natural treasures. Nothing less than a stellar website should be used to illustrate these services. I redesigned the current website to improve the navigation, look and feel, consistency, organization of information, and search […]

Coffee Lovers Cafe

This is a fully-operational website for a mock coffee shop. Shown here are a few examples of the many pages from this website. This site showcases basic use of HTML and CSS.

Download this website folder: Coffee Lovers Cafe.
Open the index.html file to navigate through the site.

Rocky Mountain Jewelers

This is a fully functional website made for a mock company. It has several pages with active links to many jewelry topics/content. All photos are active links, as well as the text links. This site was created using only HTML coding, with some use of Dreamweaver.