Project Description

Montivew Boulevard Presbyterian Church asked me to create an identity and collateral for their annual stewardship campaign for 2017-2018. The theme title this year was ‘A Prophetic Faith.’ They also provided some theme and content ideas. Using these ideas, I crafted a typographic logo that echos the title and the definition of that theme, “living boldly in uncertain times.” The supporting scripture, Micah 6:8, was also useful in delivering the message in a thoughtful manner. One that is designed to inspire the church congregants to open their hearts and their wallets to support the church.

The campaign collateral for this stewardship drive included:

  • Campaign logo/identity
  • Development of typographic, stylized support scripture for the stewardship drive
  • Stewardship drive letter design
  • Stewardship drive donor form with two perforated sections: 1) returnable form, 2) wallet-sized card with logo and scripture, as well as the central information portion of the card. This card is included with the letter.
  • T-shirts with campaign logo
  • Digital advertisements for website and social media