Project Description

Zvia Weight Loss & Medspa is a brand new business. I helped this company to develop their brand identity. This included coming up with the name and designing the logo for this high-end, luxury healthcare business. The name ‘Zvia’ means abundance, radiance and warmth. This name reflects the mission and culture this company embodies. The primary dark red color denotes passion, sensuality and energy, whereas the teal color echos revitalization, rejuvenation and clarity. The customized font and style of the ‘Zvia’ generates an impression of sophistication, grace and class. The extend “swish” of the letter ‘Z’ serves two purposes: to convey gracefulness and to mirror the silhouette of a the curvature of a human body .

I also created a secondary logo, or icon representation, featuring the elegant ‘Z’ from the logo. The primary logo and icon are being used for their signage, business cards, marketing collateral, website and social media.

See the Branding category for the full brand identity system for Zvia.

Note: It is just a coincidence that the Zvia color palette is similar to my own logo palette. We considered several different color palettes prior to settling on this configuration. The full Zvia color palette also includes three additional colors.