Physical Product Showcase Branding

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I developed the brand identity and created all the print, digital and social media marketing collateral for the Physical Product Showcase (September 2019).
The PHYSICAL PRODUCT SHOWCASE is one of the headline events at DENVER STARTUP WEEK. This is an event where you can see, taste, touch and feel over 45 new products on the Colorado market. And […]

Berry Packages


The intention of this project was to select an existing package design that could benefit from a redesign. Research of the existing package design and its chief purpose was conducted to create a new design, to improve its use by the primary target audience. I chose to redesign an existing strawberry package.

My redesign of the […]

Frontier Co-op Web Banner Ads

I created these web banner ads for the FRONTIER CO-OP Wholesale website. They advertise products that they provide to wholesale clients. Using Photoshop and Illustrator to create the graphics, following web-specific requirements.

Although these ads have expired, you can view the website at:

“Sebastian’s Imagination”

This is a digital image manipulation and combination of ten separate photos. Color and black & white photos were combined with effects and digital painting.

This little toddler (Sebastian) loves the planets! This is an attempt to represent what he sees when he looks out the window and imagines these celestial bodies in play.

I was the photographer for […]

Tropical Waterfall Matte Painting

I was charged with creating a realistic-looking world that could be a believable scene. I decided to create an ancient tropical scene with a cloudy, dark sunset sky and possibly Mayan pyramids. I chose a full sunset photo for the sky. The waterfall is built from two instances of one photo (reflected horizontally). I isolated […]

Handcrafted Book and Cover


I designed and handcrafted this booklet which contains nature photographs and nature-related quotes by famous people. I selected the materials and constructed the clamshell cover and stab-bound booklet. It includes French Folded pages with the image of the bamboo paper on the inside. I also took all the photographs used in the booklet.

It was great […]