The design includes the package itself as well as the graphic design on the exterior of the package.

Berry Packages


The intention of this project was to select an existing package design that could benefit from a redesign. Research of the existing package design and its chief purpose was conducted to create a new design, to improve its use by the primary target audience. I chose to redesign an existing strawberry package.

My redesign of the […]

Brazilian Restaurant Promotion

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I wanted to create a design campaign to promote an event to educate people about the origins of Brazilian Jazz and the culture of Brazil. The idea of combining this with the promotion of a Brazilian restaurant seemed to be ideal, and it combines two of my favorite things!

Given the colorful nature of the Brazilian […]

Handcrafted Book and Cover


I designed and handcrafted this booklet which contains nature photographs and nature-related quotes by famous people. I selected the materials and constructed the clamshell cover and stab-bound booklet. It includes French Folded pages with the image of the bamboo paper on the inside. I also took all the photographs used in the booklet.

It was great […]