Project Description

I wanted to create a design campaign to promote an event to educate people about the origins of Brazilian Jazz and the culture of Brazil. The idea of combining this with the promotion of a Brazilian restaurant seemed to be ideal, and it combines two of my favorite things!

Given the colorful nature of the Brazilian culture, which includes both the music and the food, I proposed to create a very colorful design that echoes their characteristic flamboyance. For people who love the food and may (or may not yet) be fans of Brazilian Jazz, I chose to create a promotional campaign that includes a frequent dining incentive program. The reward would be a free music CD of authentic Brazilian Jazz performed by famous Jazz musicians from Brazil.

I designed and illustrated a unique Tulip Fold pamphlet for the restaurant meal promotion. The pamphlet shows the 5 meals that the customer must buy to earn the free music CD. A perforated, removable “passport” is included for the customer to keep in their wallet. This will be used as a punch card to show that each meal was purchased. There is a featured meal from each of the 5 regions of Brazil.
I also designed the CD cover, with information about Brazilian Jazz as the liner notes, using a similar fold for consistency.